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Target Related Services

Drug targets define the possibility and, in many cases, the success of the drug design campaign. Understanding the biological target role and characteristics is therefore paramount for the design of a credible therapeutic entity. Majecules offers you a list of integrated Target Related Services, including but not limited to:

  • Target identification and validation: Fail early fail fast! About half of the drug candidates fail in phase II and phase III clinical trials for efficacy related issues. Therefore, target identification must be validated through strong evidence derived from comprehensive bioinformatics studies to avoid the expenses of late failure in drug development stages. Majecules provides a thorough target profile with emphasis on therapeutic relevance and small molecule druggability of the target.

  • Homology modelling: Theoretical models are essential for SBDD when no crystal structure is available for the biological target. In eligible cases, Majecules implements a unique approach to combine an array of computational tools to construct high quality models that could be used for a reliable SBDD study.

  • Target prediction for novel compounds: Whether your compound is of natural or synthetic origin, probing the biological networks is often computationally feasible to estimate the chemogenomic space your chemical entity belongs to. Majecules helps you get your compounds of the shelf and into the drug discovery journey.