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Library Design

Chemical libraries represent the data mine for finding groundbreaking hits. Enriching your chemical libraries with the proper candidates can exceptionally increase your success rates and reduce undesired costs. Majecules offers various services essential for designing a well structured library, including but not limited to:

  • High affinity custom libraries: Pursuing bona fide lead compounds for patenting purposes is typically a resource draining process with a pronounced high risk margin. Majecules dedicates its team expertise and computational tools upon demand to build customized libraries with scaffold hopping enablement option, to boost your chances of finding your successful candidate.

  • Compound filtering by physico-chemical, ADMET properties and reactive groups: If you are only interested in filtering your chemical libraries without applying further manipulation to your data, Majecules can effectively implement plenty of filters to exclude compounds with undesirable properties thus refining the quality of your chemical database.

  • Focused or diverse library design: Target focused libraries are frequently used when dealing with a specific chemogenomic space. On the other hand, launching a screening campaign for multiple drug targets, or probing a multitude of cellular pathways for target identification in chemical biology requires curated diverse chemical libraries. Majecules supplies virtual databases with custom target and scaffold diversity scales for plethora of drug discovery and chemical biology applications.