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Corporate Services

Most companies generate a huge amount of data every day, especially in the life science industry. We know that structuring and analyzing real time big data can be cumbersome and requires highly trained personnel. And despite the availability of automated solutions, they are either unbelievably costly or you just don’t have trained staff to work with a certain software. So whether you already have an established R&D department and want to automate daily operations or you just want to completely outsource your R&D, be it experiments or predictive analytics, you can rely on Majecules team to provide automated pipelines, design customized software solutions, provide staff training and provide connections to our partners in case of outsourcing experimental solutions.

In-Silico Pharmaceutical Formulations (MAJ-FORM):

At Majecules we implement our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques to help you reach the optimum formula in the shortest possible time with the lowest costs and least amounts of chemicals used. This can be achieved through offering an organized and planned design of experimental trials (Design of Experiments (DoE)), then analyzing the results to predict the optimum formula in addition to the design space of your product. This makes you confident about which ingredients can be changed and to what extent, without affecting the quality of your formula. Moreover, you can cut costs by discarding those ingredients that have no significant effect on your quality parameter(s). Other tailored software solutions can be provided upon your request to tackle your daily R&D challenges, such as predicting excipient-excipient compatibility, drug-excipient compatibility, and other API specs.

In-Silico Cosmeceuticals Formulations (MAJ-COSM):

In cosmetics and cosmeceuticals industry, dermal absorption, skin sensitization, and/or toxicity prediction is of utmost importance. If you are working in this sector, you would like your products to maintain highest dermal absorption and/or avoid skin sensitization reactions & unwanted side effects that can deprive your customers, especially those with sensitive skin, from harnessing the full benefits of your products. Majecules offers you powerful computational predictions for dermal absorbability, and the sensitization evoking extent of your compounds using machine learning techniques with high quality that can cut substantial costs and guide you in choosing the best skin-friendly formula.

Bioequivalence Studies Analysis(MAJ-EQ):

If you are working on bioequivalence studies, then you definitely have a high rate of data influx that needs to be analyzed regularly. Achieving the balance between designing,conducting, and analyzing new studies and clinical trials can be overwhelming. You don’t have to worry about maintaining that balance, Majecules can analyze these results for you using its top-notch statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms tailored to your needs.