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MAJ-PGA (Pharmacogenomic Analysis)

At Majecules, we are keen to integrate our services whenever possible. Therefore, our Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery team provides MAJ-PGA for pharmacogenomic analyses for drug candidates and their interaction with genome-scale expression profile of individual patients. This service will pave the way for the realization of personalized medicine and its implementation as a standard clinical practice.

  • Transcriptome analysis
    • Transcriptome mapping
    • SNP/indels variant discovery
    • Alternative transcripts
    • Promoter Analysis
  • Epigenome analysis
    • Genome bisulfite mapping
    • DMRs Identification
    • DMRs GO analysis
    • Histone methylation and acetylation analysis
  • Aberrant genetic alterations
    • SNPs with potential functional abnormalities
    • Allele Frequency variations
  • Drug-gene Interactions
  • Drug-Drug Interactions